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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming! I just started this page so there might not be too much on it right now, but keep checking back! Eventually this site will have quotes, fun stuff to read, links, and pictures as soon as I get my scanner hooked up again!
If you want me to put a link to your site or I have used something of yours, my contact info is at the bottom of this page.
You can take anything you want, as long as you give me credit if its mine. Have fun!


I finally finished the new layout, colors and everything! I also added the Ferris Bueller page and some sad & life/friendship quotes. Right now I'm working on more love quotes and I will get them up as soon as possible!

*DoN't FoRgEt To ChEcK OuT tHe LiNkS!*

Rachel, Sarah, & Emily
Winterfest 2004

You can contact me at:  emcoddington13@yahoo.com or IM me at xScOoTeRx16x