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..My StUfF..




It’s amazing how you fooled me,

Built me up then broke me down.

Told me things I wanted to hear,

Then you stopped coming around. 

Day by day it faded,

We began to grow apart.

I began to realize all the things,

They had told me from the start. 

You weren’t worth all the memories,

The trouble, or the pain.

You weren’t worth every kiss I wasted,

Every single day. 

You weren’t worth all those wasted hours,

I waited up for you.

While you were with some other girl,

Doing what I wouldn’t do. 

I wouldn’t give it up to you,

So you moved on without a thought.

I guess I wasn’t much to you,

Not as precious as your pot. 

So now I’m gonna let it out,

I’ll tell you how I feel.

I’m gonna be straight up with you,

And tell you my whole deal. 

I will say the weed got to me,

The smoking and drinking too.

But for the things you did with her,

I still haven’t forgiven you. 

That day I saw it in your eyes,

I saw through all your bull.

Your best friend told me everything,

You played me for a fool.

You were just another loser,

But I’m stronger just the same.

So now you can find another girl

To play your little game.
*I used to believe in magic - The kind the world stopped for. But when friends become enemies, love falls apart, and memories fade, it's hard to face the world with a fake smile. I don't believe in magic anymore.*
*Maybe people were right, I was too good for you. But these days, it seems like your voice gets louder when I walk by. Your smile gets bigger and you hold her a little tighter. It's almost like you're trying to make me jealous. But don't waste your time. I got over you a long time ago.*
*It's weird how things can change. Best friends become strangers and suddenly you're breathing just fine without the people you thought kept you going.*
*You tried so hard to take the one thing I've ever really wanted. Well, I'm sorry, but I would risk this friendship for my happiness.. For my pride.. For him.. You can't stop the things that are meant to be.*
I hope that every since night we wasted,
every single kiss we tasted,
ever single fault I had,
everytime I made you mad,
every insecurity,
everything you thought of me,
every tear that ran down my cheek,
everytime you made me weak,
everytime you didn't call,
those days I thought I had it all,
everytime you tore me down,
everytime you weren't around,
every single though of you,
everything you put me through,
all those stupid cigarettes,
all the shit that I regret,
every memory of your face,
the new girl who took my place,
the fact that I wasn't good enough,
your stupid smile that made it tough,
every night I waited up for you,
every girl you've ever screwed,
every lie you ever told,
every hand you ever hold,
every girl you ever touch,
anything that means this much,
everything you'll ever be,
everything you ever see,
everything you and I had,
corrupts every single thought you have.
*Yeah, there's a ton of bad shit in this world. We all have it hard. I know I'm not perfect, but I also know that no matter how may times I screw up I can always wake up the next morning and be nothing like you. And that's my security.*
*This will be the last quote I ever write about you. The last time I ever think of all the times we shared. The last thought I ever think, the last memory I ever recall, the last spark of anger that triggers my unhappiness.. And I'll move on. While you're stuck in the past.*
*After all this time, I can honestly say you were worth it. All the heartbreaks and sleepless nights I had to go through all got me to you. And I wouldn't trade you for the world.*

Now it's all coming back to me
I can see it all in you
And if you look inside these broken eyes
You'll see the hell I'm going through
So now I'm stuck with the memories
That no one can recall
From the times I thought I was happy
I thought I had it all
I know I shouldn't worry
But my instincts bring me down
I can feel myself falling
But once again, you're not around
It seems so obvious
But he can't even see
That I'm falling back into the paranoia
That so long ago haunted me
Where this is going,
Only time will tell
But I can't take the misery you bring
I know this pain too well.


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