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Sarah, Kell, Em, Ryan, Tyler, Kyle,
Jarryd, Jeff, Daniel, Cody, Zach, & Scott

Where do I start?.. We have been through so much, but we made it. Despite what everyone said about us. We've had some good times. K-Mart parking lot.. I'll never tell anyone you were scammin' on the cartboy! ::wink wink:: LoL Thanks for always listening to depressing music with me when I need it.. And the chocolate.. Ya know I love the chocolate! LoL You're my best friend & I can talk to you about anything. Never change for anyone. ily!
Hey big brother! LoL.. Where the heck would I be without you? Lost and confused probably! You are always there to listen to my problems no matter how stupid they are! Thanks for everything! And one of these days man, I promise you will have good luck with girls! Good things come to those who wait! Good luck with everything! Love ya!
I have known you since I was 2 weeks old.. When you walked up to me in the airport! LoL.. Right after you were born in that barn on a mower! LoL.. You are hilarious & I wouldn't have made it this far without you. We've been through some rough times with the family, but we've had our share of good times too! I wish ya the best of luck with Dusty & anything else that comes your way. Love ya!
Wow, you have definitely been a good friend through the years. I know I can always count on you to be there when I need to talk about stuff. I love ya to death and I wouldn't trade our friendship for the world. Remember our little chat at Kelly's? Man, that was a good one! LoL. Good luck with everything. Your guy problems will get better! I love ya!
Girl, you crack me up. "Why won't you let me poke you with my pen!?" LoL.. That day was hilarious. I'm sorry I won't tell you my level on the pyramid! LoL. I need to come up to Bethel sometime.. I miss the family! We have had some crazy times up there! 3 wooden crosses.. 272.. The shoe I almost lost! LoL. Keep rockin' it up there in B Town. Love ya tons!
Hey Mikey Jo.. Haha.. Kidding. Don't get your panties in a bunch. Okay, so I'm not that great at UNO, but we both know who's better looking here. Just playin'. I know you're always there to listen to my problems, no matter how dumb they are! We've gotten pretty close this year.. I mean, you are my brother from the Witness Protection Program, right? LoL.. Ly

Sheena & Lyssa
My fellow V Club members!

Whoa.. We've had some good times.. Travis is mine! LoL. I'm so glad we're still in the V club.. LoL You are hilarious. You can always put me in a good mood! Never change for anyone! I'm so glad you found a guy you're happy with! You two are so cute! Good luck with everything & keep smilin'! Love ya tons
When's your birthday again? LoL Geez, do you remember our party? DISASTER! LoL We're like the best Easter babies ever! Hehe.. We better have history together with Sherrow next year.. I mean, everyone knows we're his favorite students! Oh, and I'm sorry I'm not goin to Winterfest! LoLNever change! Love ya!
We've had our crazy times.. Band camp.. 4th floor. LoL I still haven't told anyone about that! Watch, next year we'll get caught by some boys or something! LoL Good luck with Tyler & never change! Love ya
You are like the craziest person I know. You can crack me up like nobody else! LoL We're gonna have a blast at Acquire the Fire this year.. Whoop whoop! LoL. Good luck with everything & never change for anyone! Love ya!

Kim & Em
Winterfest 2004

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